Homeport Emden

Homeport for windenergy

The sea port of Emden has for many years stood out as an important partner in the market for renewable energy sources. We are not only the third largest and most Western German North Sea port, but we also score highly with our available, huge port development areas and many years‘ experience in the wind energy sector.

Until now components both for onshore and offshore systems were produced, assembled and shipped in Emden. The port is used for several wind farms in the German bay as a base for the pre-assembly, transportation and maintenance of the off-shore wind turbines and therefore can already prove how well we have prepared for future investors and challenges.

We also have a lot to offer as far as quality of life is concerned. Discover the East Friesian charm of the town with its 52,000 inhabitants and get to know and take advantage of the varied cultural and leisure opportunities.

Get on board and also make Emden your own „homeport for windenergy“.