Emden - European City of the Reformation

Emden’s Reformation Route

Emden’s Reformation Route marks important stations of the Reformation - as it has left its imprints on the cityscape of Emden. Imprints which are evident in spite of the destruction of the Second World War. The significance of the respective route location are highlighted by steles or panels, which offer illustrative texts and QR codes. The QR code allows a view at the historical appearance of the site before the Second World War.

The flyer that was developed for the Emder Reformation Route is worth seeing as well as informative and features a historical road map - designed in German-Dutch and German into English. The title is "Von der Reformation zur Stadtgeschichte" meaning "From the Reformation to the City's History," and invites, against this background, to rediscover Emden; Editor of this leaflet is the city of Emden. The city guide guild has also included a "city walk in the footsteps of the Reformation" in its program.

Other attractions in the Emden Reformation route include the city hall with its historical glass windows which remind of the "golden Age" of the city along the river Ems. Another site of the Reformation was the Klunderburg built in 1552, - once the setting of the Emdens Reformation Dialogue from 1578 between the Reformed and the Mennonites. The street of the same name reminds of the Klunderburg, at the end of which loom the two "Pelzerhäuser" – the only preserved Renaissance houses of the city. Not far away stretched the Emsmauer – which was once the southernmost city limit and to this day is still the foundation of the cemetery wall of the former Great Church. This church became the "Moederkerk" of the Dutch Reformation in the 16th century. Today's Johannes a Lasco Library, which was created in 1995 from the ruins of the Great Church, is also a station of Emden’s Reformation Route – as is, located in the immediate neighbourhood, the Castle Square, where once the East Frisian Counts resided in Emden’s castle.

Flyer "From the Reformation to the City's History"

Flyer texts in German, English and Dutch

Caption: right: In the presence of representatives and members of the working group "Emden – European City of the Reformation" Lord Mayor Bernd Bornemann revealed the stele in front of the Johanna-mill on Emden’s city wall - it now officially belongs to "Emden’s Reformation Route". Left: glass windows of the City Hall.

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