Emden - European City of the Reformation

The working group

The working group "Emden-European City of the Reformation" includes those partners who have applied for Emden to be awarded European City of Reformation at the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) in 2013. This project partnership was signed by the Lord Mayor of Emden Bernd Bornemann, representatives of the Lutheran and the Reformed Evangelical Emden church communities, the Mennonite Church Emden, the Johannes a Lasco Library and leaders of the Evangelical Reformed Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover.

Members of the working group "Emden-European City of the Reformation":

  • Andreas Docter, Head of the municipal planning and building control office, City of Emden
  • Dr. Wolfgang Jahn, East Frisian National Museum, Emden
  • Wolfgang Ritter, Representative of the Lutheran congregations of Emden and Evangelical Lutheran Pastor, Borssum
  • Christian Züchner, Pastor, Evangelical Reformed Church congregation Neue Kirche, Emden
  • Dr. Hannegreth Grundmann, Public relations representative of the East Frisian parish
  • Jan Lüken Schmid, North-West German Mennonite Church
  • Dr. Jan Marius Lange van Ravenswaay, Johannes a Lasco Library
  • Klaas-Dieter Voss, Johannes a Lasco Library
  • Sven Kramer, Commissioner of the Evangelical Reformed Church for the Reformation anniversary in 2017
  • Silke Arends, Coordinator of the Reformation City Emden